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Solutions for BuildersAs a home builder, your job is tough enough when everything runs smoothly, so unforeseen problems and delays can turn an otherwise profitable project into a nightmare.  At Pegg-Whitney Woodworks, we strive to make your job easier when it comes to doors and windows.  Think of us as a luxury one-stop-shop for everything door and window related.

Our custom products allow you to offer your clients more. More options, more ideas,  more value.  Our flexible scheduling, price and ease of ordering help reduce headaches on your part and result in the smooth design, production and delivery of your doors and windows.  We can take care of all the glass, hardware, pre-finishing and final finishing as well, so when your doors arrive on site, minimal finish work is needed.

Finding a consistent and trusted supplier is critical for any business, helping reduce procurement costs, eliminating poor quality products and building brand value.  At Pegg-Whitney Woodworks we have worked with some of the same home builders for three decades.  We have earned their trust and repeat business by consistently exceeding their expectations.  Consistency and communication are key between builders and vendors, and we always aim to excel at both.

It's not true that "they don't build them like they used to," because Pegg-Whitney does.

-David Heide
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