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Brazilian Cherry Doors

Architects who specialize in luxury homes and large scale projects often look for vendors who can provide unique products and help enhance portfolio offerings.  They look for custom products, quality products and one-on-one service throughout the design and build process.

Many architects also look for vendors with flexible scheduling, due to the complexities of large projects and the need to sometimes change product dimensions, sizes and look at the drop of a hat.  At Pegg-Whitney, unexpected changes are not a problem, and we deal with them regularly. When any change to an order arises, we can halt production of that order in less than 30 seconds and immediately incorporate the change.

At Pegg-Whitney, we work on a consistent basis with several large architecture firms, many of whom specify us as the recommended manufacturer of doors and windows for their projects.  We are experts in designing and crafting wood doors and windows for any application and we have years of experience dealing with odd and unique projects.  Our ability to provide endless possibilities makes Pegg-Whitney a valuable partner for any creative architect.

It's not true that "they don't build them like they used to," because Pegg-Whitney does.

-David Heide
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