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At Pegg-Whitney Woodworks, we build our doors and windows using a blend of traditional methods and modern techniques.  We offer numerous construction methods for our doors allowing us to meet a variety of price points and budgets.  We can work with you to identify your intended application and recommend the construction method that will best suit your needs.

The construction process begins with rough lumber procured from reputable, high volume lumber yards in Minnesota and around the country.  We manufacture all of our doors and door components in-house and although more costly to produce, this allows us to hand select the best looking wood for each individual component of the door. This also enables us to keep a close eye on quality control, ensuring that every item meets our exact quality standards.

We provide solid wood stile and rail doors as well as doors made with engineered stiles and rails. Engineering door components consists of wrapping a warp resistant core material with solid wood edging and veneers.  This manufacturing process produces stability and durability in the component that can not be matched with solid wood or any other type of construction.  The veneers on our doors are 3/16″ thick, more than six times as thick as those on most doors available today.

Once the door components have been milled to the appropriate sizes, the rails are tenoned and the stiles are mortised.  Unless requested otherwise, all of our stile and rail doors incorporate true mortise and tenon construction, providing superior quality and durability to the product.  Most door manufacturers and nearly all large, mass-producing door companies assemble doors using simple dowel construction rather than mortise and tenon.  Although far less expensive and much faster to produce, this construction method is a poor quality, ‘cheap’ way to manufacture an architectural door.

After the door is assembled and sanded, craftsman begin the fine, detailed work of hand sanding, applying molding, inserting panels or glass and affixing hardware to the door.  The door jamb is built and and everything is tested to make sure all parts operate together flawlessly.

It's not true that "they don't build them like they used to," because Pegg-Whitney does.

-David Heide
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