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Architectural Traditions Closes – Customers Left Hanging

Effective April 14, 2014, Architectural Traditions of Tucson, Arizona announced it was closing its doors and halting work on any customer orders in production. The company is well known for its interior and exterior windows and doors and had a strong Twin Cities market. A statement on Architectural Traditions’ website now reads, “We will not be able to complete any outstanding orders. If you have a deposit with our company for work to be completed, it will not be paid at this time.” The sudden closure has left customers irate, employees jobless and distributors scrambling to find new suppliers.

Pegg-Whitney Woodworks has announced it will step up to help customers and distributors negatively affected by this sudden closure. Effective immediately, Pegg-Whitney Woodworks is offering anyone negatively affected by the closing 20% off first time orders to help their projects get back on track.

“An unexpected closure like this hurts not only the employees and their families, but customers, home-builders and ultimately the homeowner. We know this type of event hurts real people and families in our industry and we want to do a little something to help,” says George Pegg, CEO of Pegg-Whitney Woodworks.

It's not true that "they don't build them like they used to," because Pegg-Whitney does.

-David Heide
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